Ah, Khloe Kardashian. The Kardashian that most people don't recognize anymore. Whether that's due to bleach blonde hair extensions, overlined lips, or a new nose job, Khloe Kardashian has looked nothing like her old self in her Instagram photos lately. Fans have been speculating if Khloe Kardashian has gotten a nose job, and it seems like we finally have the answers. 

In a photo posted with kind of ex-brother-in-law Scott but not really because he and Kourtney were never married, Scott and Khloe look like BFFs. The photo, which is captioned 'Lord Disick and The Lady' has 2.8 million likes and almost 11 thousand comments. Well, half of those comments are about Khloe's (new) nose. 

There is really no denying it this time, Khloe. In the past, we could definitely make out that Khloe's smaller nose was from contouring. But in the photo she posted of herself and Scott, it's more than obvious. You can view the photo below:

@khloekardashianembedded via  

There is also no denying that Khloe looks great as well as happy. However, like always, people in the comments were ripping her apart for her new nose. Some of them were just asking her to be honest with her fans, and some even went as far as calling her "MJ" aka Michael Jackson. Too far guys, too far. 

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We all know Khloe is one to edit her photos, so much so that fans don't recognize her when she's in paparazzi photos or in unedited photos on her sister's Instagram pages. Whether Khloe will admit to a nose job or not, we'll just be waiting patiently even though we know the answer.