You really have to empathize with live television reporters. They go out into real-world situations and try to hold up a certain level of professionalism that doesn’t exist on the streets. The reality is that reporters are continually dealing with people looking for their chance to get on TV, which is exactly what happened in the middle of an Australian live news broadcast on the royal baby

A female reporter with the Australian show Sunrise was completely overshadowed while reporting on the royal baby in Windsor, U.K., by a feisty little kid and his free-flying bird - and by bird, I mean his middle finger. That's right, a little kid hit this poor news crew (and all the Australian viewers at home) with an epic drive-by salute.

In the video, reporter Edwina Bartholomew can be seen standing outside of Windsor Castle, an official residence of the British Royal Family. She is live on air giving an update on the much-anticipated arrival of baby Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first child. Shortly into the broadcast, a passing car with a giddy child in the backseat steals the show as the child gleefully raises his middle finger to the oblivious reporter. Take a look:

The hilarious interaction offered the perfect contrast. In the background, we have the castle of Windsor, a beacon of regal etiquette and class. Just in front of it, we have a smiling brat flipping the bird to a reporter just for the sheer joy of it.

So, what did the reporter have to say about having her thunder being stolen by a scrappy little kid? Well, thankfully, she took the whole thing in stride. "Speaking of bad parenting, what about that little kid who pulled up behind me before," Bartholomew later joked on Sunrise, according to Mashable. "What a little rotter," she continued.

The viral video is no doubt bound to come back to haunt the poor kid, whose parents have probably seen it by now. Depending on what kind of people they are, they either high-fived him or grounded him for a month.