Two 'Kids' Were Just Caught Driving 308 km/h On An Ontario Highway (PHOTOS)

Who knew cars even go that fast?!
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'Kids' Caught Driving 308 Km/Hour On An Ontario Highway Could Face Jail Time (PHOTOS)

Two Ontario teens are in serious trouble this weekend, after being spotted mega-speeding on the Queen Elizabeth Way. On Sunday, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) confirmed that a young driver had been charged with street racing after he was caught driving 308 km/h in his dad’s car. That’s 100 km/h faster than some high-speed trains!

Just when you thought Ontario’s street racers couldn’t get any more dangerous, two teens were caught on the Queen Elizabeth highway driving over 300 km/h.

In a tweet on Sunday, the OPP Highway Safety Division explained that two 19-year-old "kids" had been caught driving at absurd speeds, despite the other vehicles around them.

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, the OPP's media relations officer, explained that 308 km/h is the equivalent speed to 85 metres per second or 280 feet per second.

The police officer noted that the speed limit on the Queen Elizabeth Way is 100 km/h for the most part, meaning the young drivers were moving at more than three times the limit.

"Driving your dad's car, coming back from a cruise with your buddies, opening it up to see what this car is capable of doing is beyond words," Schmidt added.

The OPP officer noted that the two teens were driving so fast that when they were pulled over by police, other road users were honking and cheering “in delight.”

In a video on the OPP Twitter page, Schmidt added that this was the fastest speed he’d ever heard of.

In fact, he thought the officer who caught the teens was at the airport and had scanned a plane with the speed radar.

Schmidt went on to explain that the driver was stopped near Burlington and was subsequently charged with stunt driving under the Highway Traffic Act, as well as a criminal charge of dangerous driving.

He could now face a fine of up to $10,000, and possibly jail time.

Additionally, the teen's driver's licence was automatically suspended for seven days and his dad's vehicle was impounded for the same amount of time.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, speed offences have been on the rise, with local police enforcement reporting an unusually high number of speeding tickets. 

In March, one driver was caught doing speeds of 213 km/h on Highway 401.

In April, another Ontario driver was spotted doing ridiculous speeds of 271 km/h, and was going so fast that his tire blew out!

“I’m pretty much speechless on this one,” Sgt. Kerry Schmidt concluded on Sunday.

“This is absolutely egregious. For anyone to be going those kinds of speeds — 308 km/h […] I don’t even know where to begin with that."

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