Kijiji is the site you go to when you need a cheap couch or a better price on video games. It also used to be the place where people could buy event tickets that were sold out elsewhere. Unfortunately, that will no longer be the case, as Kijiji ticket scams are getting worse. The company won't continue selling event tickets on its platform because they have proven too difficult to monitor effectively.

The biggest problem to arise in the last few years is the shift from physical tickets to digital, which has greatly increased problems with authenticity.

The other issue with ticket sales, according to General Manager Matthew McKenzie, is that people who want to buy tickets to an event can be more impulsive. He told CTV News, "If you're looking to go to a concert and maybe time is of the essence, and you make that decision that you might not typically have made."

That was especially true during the 2019 NBA Finals, when Peel Regional Police actually warned people not to purchase Raptors tickets from sites like Kijiji due to the high rate of fraudulent ticket sales

McKenzie also told CTV News that the site will be able to monitor any posts trying to sell tickets after the new rule goes into effect. Kijiji will be utilizing support teams, as well as allowing site users to flag any posts that might be selling tickets.

Fraudulent tickets are something that no one would want to deal with, considering that buying tickets to any event online can already be a hassle. Availability, resale prices, and hidden fees can all be too much to deal with.

Kijiji's parent company, eBay, will still be able to profit from online ticket sales, as it also owns a significant portion of the popular resale site, StubHub.

Kijiji users will no longer be allowed to sell or buy tickets through the site. However, posts selling event tickets that are already up will stay on the site until they expire in 60 days or are taken down by the sellers. Luckily, you'll still be able to find a basement apartment in Toronto for $2,000 a month (plus hydro).

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