Kim Kardashian Had Dinner With Pete Davidson Last Night For The Most Random Reason Ever

Kim Kardashian had dinner with a few friends, including Pete Davidson, last night.
Kim Kardashian Had Dinner With Pete Davidson Last Night For The Most Random Reason Ever

Kim Kardashian has so many friends. From her entire family, to close friends she's had since high school, to famous people such as Paris Hilton, Kid Cudi, and even Beyonce. I mean, the girls phone is probably never not ringing. Even on a random Wednesday night, she's having dinner at a popular restaurant with a ton of famous friends. Kim Kardashian had dinner with Pete Davidson last night, and the reason is more random than you would think. 

For most of us, birthday's consist of a cake at our parent's house and a little get together with our friends. It seems like Kid Cudi likes to roll that way too. In the most intimate birthday setting, Kid Cudi celebrated his 35th birthday with Kim's husband Kanye West, Pete Davidson and Timothée Chalamet. I think this is the most random group of people to ever have dinner. 

I'm not 100% sure what restaurant they're at, but in the photos, you can see they're eating sushi. While it's probably the most expensive sushi bill to ever exist, I can say I'm a little bit jealous. Pete Davidson has even bashed Kanye West on Saturday Night Live before, so I guess that beef is squashed. You can view the photo below, but I'm assuming Kim was the one taking the photo as she's not in it. 

So good to see all these men smiling, even if this is the only smile we can get out of Kanye. Now, Kim and all of the Kardashian-Jenners are super close to Ariana Grande, so I wonder what she thinks of this intimate dinner. To be honest, she's probably too busy worrying that her new hand tattoo translates to "small charcoal grill" instead of "7 rings"

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Well, even though our invite sadly got lost in the mail, still happy to see all of these random people having sushi together. Kim gave updates on her Instagram story last night, and you can view them below. I wonder if she felt like the 5th wheel? 

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