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Kim Kardashian Is Sending A Valentine's Day Gift To All Her Haters And It's Absolutely Savage

It looks like Kim is wasting no time when it comes to Valentine's Day prep! The social media mogul took to Snapchat to share with her fans who she would be sending her brand new "BAE" fragrances to. You may remember the name of the product from earlier this week when the extra AF packages for the new perfume flooded news outlets. 

Though she wasn't just sending the new perfume out to her lovers, Kim noted in the snap that she was sending them out to her lovers AND haters. Of course, fans started to take a closer look at all the sticky notes she had posted and the blow row of stickies specifically. They seemed to be the list of names of celebrities she has had public feuds with, as well as some low-key beef. 

On the list was, of course, Taylor Swift, as well as Bette Midler, Blac Chyna and Chelsea Handler to name a few. Though there are names at the top that nobody can seem to squint their eyes hard enough to decipher.

It'll  be interesting to see if any of the celebs deemed "haters" respond at all, especially when they open their door to a package from none other than Kim herself! Though we've got to admit, she sure knows how to get people talking about her new products! 

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