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Kim Kardashian Tweeted Hints About Her Fourth Child Right Smack In The Middle Of Royal Baby Day

If you've been on the internet so far today, you're probably very aware that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan welcomed their first royal baby just hours ago. The birth of this baby has been highly anticipated, especially because Meghan and Harry are taking the non-traditional route and keeping things very lowkey (we still aren't even sure of the baby's name). Most people are THRILLED with news of the baby's birth, but one person isn't - Kim Kardashian is stealing the limelight from the new royal baby on Twitter.

Although the United States may not have a "royal family", I think it's safe to say the Kardashian-Jenner clan are pretty much the equivalent. Every member of the family has a massive following, and thanks to the hard work of their Momager, Kris Jenner, they REALLY know how to market themselves and keep all eyes on them.

Just this morning, Kim took to Twitter to share a screenshot of a conversation with her husband, Kanye West. Kanye sent Kim a photo of what appears to be their house, overlooking a lush green yard. The text reads, "This is your life. Married with four kids, get people out of jail, cover of Vogue, go to church with your family every week. Dreams come true."

[rebelmouse-image 25934461 photo_credit="kimkardashian" expand=1 original_size="946x1132"]

While this could just be Kim reflecting on a sweet message from her husband, a lot of people think it's much deeper than that. Notice how Kanye said, "married with four kids"? That subtle hint has led people to believe that Mrs. Kardashian-West has already welcomed her fourth baby via surrogate, and they think that the timing of the message is to keep the spotlight on her family.

We can't say for sure whether baby number four has officially been welcomed into the world yet, but the surrogate is due any day now, so if not yet then it's only a matter of time before North, Saint, and Chicago have a new sibling to hang out with! Now we just have to wait and see what sort of name Kim and Kanye come up with.

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