Well, the time we've been waiting for has come. No, Kylie has not spoken out on the whole cheating scandal, but Kim Kardashian has in some sort of way. While we've been sitting here waiting for new info, it seems like Kim is over it. Kim Kardashian officially unfollowed Jordyn Woods on Instagram, along with Tristan Thompson.

Kim has been known to never like Tristan Thompson, but the whole family loved Jordyn. Why wouldn't you? She was Kylie's best friend, never did anything wrong, but bam! Now, the biggest Kardashian scandal probably ever *minus Kim's tape* involves her. 

This morning, all of the Kardashian Jenners were still following her, but it seems like Kim will start the trend. While Kim unfollowed Tristan as well, we're not entirely shocked by that. 

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It really does look like this whole thing is true. Kim hasn't publicly spoken out about it, but unfollowing someone is speaking out. We can't wait to see if more sisters unfollow Jordyn, because it's what she deserves. 

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I'm assuming either Kourtney or Khloe will be next, but the hardest unfollow will be from Kylie. We can't really predict whether or not she will hit the unfollow button, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.