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Kim Kardashian Poses Naked On Instagram And The Internet Does Not Approve

This time, the internet is not okay with it.
Kim Kardashian Poses Naked On Instagram And The Internet Does Not Approve

The Kardashian Klan recently had a nice surprise this week with the arrival of a new Princess West, whose name remains TBA.

You probably expected to see a photo of the new baby... but it seems as though Kim surprised us with another kind of "babe" photo.

Last night,Mrs. West posted a rather racy picture taken by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott on Instagram. In this one, she's lying naked on a bed and let's just say... she doesn't leave much room for imagination.

While Kim does have a bomb ass bod and was perhaps just trying to show that a 37-year-old mother can still be killin' it, (even after having two children; the third being a surrogate mother), it seems that the internet was absolutely shocked. Thousands of people expressed their dissatisfaction on social media, and the comments were far from kind.

The debate has begun. People wonder if a mother should be posting such provocative pictures, while others don't believe that becoming a mother should be any reason to deny her sexuality and sex appeal.

But whatever side of the argument you're on, you can't honestly say that you're not dissapointed. While the whole entire planet is waiting for a picture of the newborn baby, Kim is out here posting naked pictures of herself.

Come on, Kim! Just give us "Louis West" already!

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