Kim Kardashian Shares Topless Photo... Taken By Her 4-Year-Old Daughter

Just another normal day in the West house, probably. While Kim Kardashian is known to not really care what she posts on social media, I think this may be going a little too far. North West, who is Kim's 4-year-old daughter has great fashion, knows how to tell paparazzi off, and apparently is a prime photographer for her mother. 

@kimkardashianembedded via

Seen in the photo is Kim's back, and her front can be seen in the mirror in front of her. You can tell that her bra is off, and you can also tell that North is the one standing in the background with what looks like a tutu on. The caption reads, "📸 by North" which is just weird all around. Maybe Kim's photographer that took these shocking photos was busy, and she needed to post one ASAP. North to the rescue!

It really doesn't get any more racy than your child taking a basically topless photo of you for Instagram likes. Who knows, maybe Kim is trying to one-up Kylie's most liked picture ever on Instagram? Either way, I think Kim should stick to her regular photographers who aren't 4-years-old.