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Kim Kardashian Shows Off New Mermaid Blue Hair On Instagram And People Are Loving It

How do the Kardashian's change their hair so often?

For so many of us, hair is a major part of our identity. Sometimes I get the urge to try a new colour, but then I remember that I don't feel like myself if I'm not blonde, so the blonde stays. Luckily, temporary fixes like wigs and hair extensions exist, but let's be real - they can be a bit pricey. One person who doesn't care about price when it comes to a new wig would be Kim Kardashian. For her latest look, Kim Kardashian is showing off her mermaid blue hair on Instagram and people are loving it.

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As you may know, Kim Kardashian has been known to change her hair colour on an almost weekly basis. Because she regularly goes from one extreme to another (like jet black to platinum blonde), there's no way her hair would be able to handle that sort of rigorous dye job so often. Kim has to rely on things like wigs and hair extensions in order to achieve the look she wants with minimal damage.

Kim constantly has a team of beauty experts on call, including her professional hairdresser, Chris Appleton. In a recent interview with Harper's BAZAAR, Chris showed off some of the custom wigs he's created for Kim, including the green, yellow, and pink looks she rocked during the launch of her latest perfumes:

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In the video, Appleton talks about how he's taken countless celebrities blonde, including Kim and Ariana Grande, but he's a firm believer that the use of Olaplex is what allows him to do such drastic colour changes on his clients with minimal damage.

If you want to see Chris Appleton's astounding world of hair and get some insight into how he helps Kim K and J.Lo keep their looks fresh and ever-changing, you can watch the video here: