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Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Defends Her Curves After People Trash Her Met Gala Look

People literally think she got ribs removed.

If you've been online at all today, you've probably heard a thing or two about the spectacle that was the 2019 Met Gala. Tons of celebrities walked the carpet (including some of our Canadian favourites) and truly embodied the theme of Camp: Notes on Fashion. As with every year, some looks were a lot more noteworthy than others, and there's one in particular that people can't stop talking about - Kim Kardashian's 2019 Met Gala look has people questioning her body

For years now, Kim has been known for her insane curves, and people have always speculated whether her body (particularly her butt) is real, or if she's gone under the knife to achieve her hourglass figure. If you've kept up with the Kardashian's for a few years now, you may remember that Kim's gone as far as getting x-rays on camera to prove that her booty isn't fake.

After seeing her look last night, the scrutiny has gone even further and now people are questioning whether Kim's waist is real or not. If you follow her on Instagram, you probably know that Mrs. Kardashian-West is in the gym, busting her butt with her trainer most mornings, and she does her best to eat healthily and take care of her body outside of the gym as well.

Upon hearing people's comments about her client's body, Kim's trainer, Melissa Alcantara decided to set the record straight on Instagram:

The story is no longer available on Instagram, but Mel insists that Kim works incredibly hard for the body she has and explains that the dress she wore last night is corseted, which may be a reason why some people think she's gone to such extremes to achieve her look.

Some people are going so far as to compare Kim's Met Gala look from this year to looks of previous years just to prove their point. While there is a very obvious difference between these two photos, Kim has already explained that the photo on the left was taken in 2015, when she was not only pregnant with her son but also working with a totally different trainer.

Kim didn't start training with Melissa until 2017, and in the 2 years since she's totally transformed her already awesome body. While it's easy to see why people speculate, Kim has reasonable explanations for the shifts in her body, and she's incredibly open about wearing corsets and busting her ass in the gym - now all she needs to do is stop promoting Flat Tummy Teas.