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Kim Kardashian's Latest Instagram Post Is Absolutely Shocking... Even For Kim K

To be honest, Kim Kardashian posting a sexy, racy, naked picture of herself is nothing new. The new mommy of three loves to show off her bod and does not hesitate to express that to the world for one minute.

But just recently after the arrival of third baby Chicago, Kim just can't seem to stop posting some pretty shocking photos of herself on Instagram.

Last week, the internet couldn't stop arguing about this post:

@kimkardashianembedded via

If you thought that was racy, get ready for her newest post that some might consider shocking... even for Kim K herself.

Today, Kim Kardashian West posted an scantily clad photo of herself topless, with nothing but a teeny tiny white thong and a massive fur jacket that isn't really covering anything.

Though she "covers up" the nipple area by blurring it out... it's pretty obvious not much is really "covered up" at all.

@kimkardashianembedded via

While fans still can't decide whether to slut shame her for being a sexy mother, or encourage her to embrace her sexuality as a mom, there's one thing we can definitely all decide on...

When is Kim finally going to post a baby photo????