Playing favourites? Kim Kardashian had a weekend of fun with classic '90s rom-coms, sparking her to admit that Tom Hanks is her favourite actor. But that came much to the disappointment of Vancouver's Seth Rogen who tweeted back a hilariously pure reaction.

The 39-year-old media personality shared on Twitter that she watched Tom Hanks' You've Got Mail on Saturday night. 

After dipping her toes into the 1998 classic, Kardashian tweeted that it's "Such a cute movie OMG. Who knew Dave Chapelle was in it!!"

The romantic drama starred Tom Hanks opposite Meg Ryan, with Dave Chappelle making an appearance as Kevin Jackson. 

A few minutes later, Kardashian tweeted out asking her followers for recommendations on what rom-com she should watch next.

The tweet that followed next got the attention of Superbad and This Is The End star, Seth Rogen.

Writing to her 64.6 million followers, Kardashian shared that "Tom Hanks is probably my favorite actor."

A sarcastically hurt Rogen replied back, "Ouch."

His response got over 4,000 more likes than Kardashian's original tweet with fans coming to his aid to console him.

American restaurateur David Chang, who worked with Rogen on Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner replied, "My favourite hip hop artist and fashion designer is @Sethrogen".

Rogen tweeted back, "Thank you David."

Kardashian hasn't responded to Rogen's tweet yet.

However, she continued sharing her thoughts about her favourite actor Tom Hanks. The mother of four wrote that the next movie in her rom-com marathon was the 1993 classic Sleepless in Seattle which she was watching "for the millionth time!!!"

Kardashian added, "Meg Ryan is so cute! I love their movies together."

Sleepless in Seattle came five years before You've Got Mail and also stars Hanks and Ryan, with an appearance by Hanks' wife of 32 years, Rita Wilson.

If Seth Rogen happens to be your favourite actor, there are a ton of his movies available for streaming on Netflix Canada