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You Can Visit The Toronto Variety Store In "Kim's Convenience" IRL (PHOTOS)

Let's be honest with each other, getting to visit the film set of a TV show or movie is cool for anyone. Big cities in America like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, are famous for iconic set locations and have made a multi-million dollar industry out of it. In Canada, specifically Toronto, sets are very few and in between so when a show does film in Toronto, getting to visit the real-life location of where scenes were shot is exciting! Kim's Convenience, the Canadian comedy, is one of those shows. You can visit the Kim's Convenience Toronto variety store in real life! 

What makes this filming location so special is that even when the cameras are off, the Toronto convenience store remains Kim's Convenience. 

If you haven't heard of Kim's Convenience, the show follows a Korean family and their struggles in owning a convenient store in downtown Toronto. 

The store's real owners, Yong, and Kyung Chung bought the store with its original name, Mimi's Variety. In a Toronto Star article the Chung's admitted they had no problem with the name change because they had no personal connection to the name Mimi's Variety, there was no Mimi. 

The producers of Kim's Convenience made an exact replica of Kim's Convenience in the studio and used the real store for exterior shots only. 

Now that the show is moving onto its fourth season, the common variety store has become a Toronto hotspot for tourists and fans of the CBC comedy. The store is located at 252 Queen Street East and has managed to rack up a full five stars on Yelp

Next time you're craving a bag of Ketchup chips or a pack of Smarties, head over to Kim's Convenience where you'll find an exact copy of the store you know and love. 

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