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Kinton Ramen's Pennywise Dish Is Coming To The GTA And Montreal For A Limited Time

With only days left until the scariest time of the year, it seems like everywhere you look has been 'spook-i-fied'. Houses are covered in cobwebs, stores are decked out in eerie decor, and people are going out dressed as nightmarish creatures. Now, even our food is getting a terrifying makeover, and it's going to be hard to eat this creepy new dish without screaming. You're going to need a lot of courage to order Kinton Ramen's Pennywise dish this Halloween!

In honour of this spooky season, Kinton is releasing a terrifying ramen inspired by Pennywise the clown. You can find this exclusive meal at all Kinton locations across the GTA and Montreal. The Pennywise Ramen will launch on October 25 and will be available until October 31. Then it will float away for good!

The unsettling dish is designed to resemble the clown's smiling face staring up at you from out of the bowl. Fortunately, ramen is just too delicious for you to lose your appetite over! The soup will feature pork miso broth with thick noodles, beansprouts, pork belly, spiced egg, garlic oil, hot sauce, and more. This is one dish that's certainly only for the brave of heart.

It Chapter Two was recently released this fall, just in time for Halloween. If you still haven't gotten your Pennywise fill, you can head to Starbucks after to cool down with one of their secret It Frappuccinos.

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by grabbing some It themed food and then sitting down and enjoying an It movie marathon?

Kinton Pennywise Ramen

Price: $15.95

Why You Need It: Get your spooky on in honour of Halloween and indulge in some limited-edition Pennywise Ramen!