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You Can Now Buy New Pink Kit Kats Across Canada And They Look As Good As They Taste

What may be the most beautiful chocolate bar in the world is here. The new Kit Kat Ruby is now available across Canada and it's honestly gorgeous. While the classic Kit Kat is regular chocolate brown, this new Kit Kat Ruby has a major twist, it's pink. 

According to Nestle's website, "the newest innovation in chocolate has arrived. KITKAT Ruby uses ruby cocoa beans to create a new kind of chocolate that tastes fruity and creamy. It’s pinkredible." 

That's right, it's not pink food colouring or anything like that, but a whole different kind of cocoa bean that gives this new Kit Kat it's pretty pink colour. 

If you've never heard of ruby chocolate that's because it's a super recent discovery. In 2017 it was released to the public for the first time by a Swiss chocolatier, Barry Callebaut. He had been working on the pink chocolate since 2004.

While they revealed that they used natural "ruby cocoa beans" to make their innovative pink chocolate, Barry Callebaut didn't reveal what's so different about the beans or what leads to this unique colour. 

Shortly after Barry Callebaut released their pink chocolate, Kit Kat jumped on the pink chocolate trend and made their very first ruby bar in Japan and South Korea, available in January 2018. 

Now that same chocolate bar is available all across Canada. If you can't wait to find out exactly what it tastes, Nestle the company behind Kit Kat describes the chocolate on their website.

They say "KITKAT Ruby is creamy, rich, and tastes like no chocolate in the history of chocolate. Its berry fruitiness comes naturally from ruby cocoa beans, balanced by the crisp wafer of KITKAT." 

According to Nestle, the unique Ruby Kit Kat bar is available at stores all across Canada now but will only be available for a limited time. 

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