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8 Cheap Kitchen Tools That Can Make Cooking Dinner At Home Less Tedious And More Fun

Cute and useful items you wish you bought sooner!

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Cooking at home (especially for one) can feel like such a chore but with the right products at your side, you can get into a really good rhythm and have fun.

If the thought of having to chop one more onion is driving you up the wall, any of these eight items can help take the stress out of meal prep.

12-In-1 Veggie Chopper


Price: $36.77

Details: Having a multi-function chopper in the kitchen makes cutting, dicing and peeling a breeze. People who have already bought this on Amazon commend it for being sharp, compact and easy to clean.

$36.77 on AMAZON

Over The Sink Strainer Board


Price: $35.45

Details: When you're dealing with a tiny kitchen with limited counter space, having a cutting board and strainer that fits over the sink is *chef's kiss*.

$35.45 on AMAZON

12-Piece Coloured Knife Set


Price: $21.69

Details: Don't let the cuteness fool you, these knives are sharp AF. I have a set at home and use these more than any other knife in my drawer. You get a paring knife, a serrated utility knife, a Santoku knife, a carving knife, a chef's knife, and a serrated bread knife (which works really well on tomatoes, too!)

$21.69 on AMAZON

Clip-On Silicone Colander


Price: $11.85

Details: Eating pasta? Fun! Boiling and then straining it? Nope! Having a colander on standby prevents pieces of ravioli or macaroni from falling into the sink. It's also a lifesaver when you need to drain fat from a frying pan.

$11.85 on AMAZON

Meat Shredding Claws


Price: $14.98

Details: These claws shred meat quickly and efficiently for pulled pork, brisket and other dishes. You do feel a little bit like Wolverine when using them which makes the tedious task of shredding much more bearable.

$14.98 on AMAZON

Mini Compost Bin


Price: $29.79

Details: This is the perfect wall-mounted bin to store composting scraps so they don't end up in your regular trash when making dinner. You can get one in blue, black green or white. Bonus: It has a seal lid that prevents fruit flies and other annoying bugs from getting in.

$29.79 on AMAZON

Baking Mat


Price: $23.99

Details: Rolling out pizza dough in a perfect circle is HARD WORK. This silicone mat provides a non stick surface for your dough, plus it keeps all the flour in one place and you won't have to clean the kitchen counter afterwards.

$23.99 on AMAZON

Herb Stripper


Price: $9.99

Details: Stripping kale, rosemary, thyme and other herbs is always a chore but this device does it in seconds. You just place the stem through your desired hole and pull the plant through to de-stem. So easy!

$9.99 on AMAZON