Netflix Canada's Only Animated Christmas Film Of 2019 Is One Of Its Most Watched Ever

Watch "Klaus" before Christmas is over!
"Klaus" On Netflix Canada

By now, most people have watched their fair share of Christmas movies while gearing up for the holiday season. If you're looking for another film to add to your list, Klaus on Netflix Canada is one of the streaming service's most popular movies of all time.

Like they've done in years past, this year Netflix released a collection of holiday movies and shows to help spread the Christmas cheer and get people ready for the big day on December 25.

The app put out love stories like Holiday In the Wild and The Knight Before Christmas, coming of age tales like Let It Snow, and this year, they even switched things up with the family TV show, Merry Happy Whatever.

It's not hard to see that Netflix really diversified its content this year, but out of all the movies they released, one, in particular, stood out above all the others — an animated film called Klaus.

If you haven't yet seen the movie, Klaus is about a postal worker named Jesper, who's lived a very privileged life. In order to teach him a lesson, Jesper's father ships him off to a remote city where his goal is to set up a successful post office.

With the city's angry people working against him, Jesper struggles to accomplish the task at hand, until he meets Klaus, that is.

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Jesper and Klaus begin working together to deliver presents to children who write letters, creating Christmas as we know it, but of course, the plan doesn't work without a few hiccups.

Recently, Netflix revealed that in its first 28 days, Klaus has been watched by nearly 30 million accounts worldwide, making it one of the streaming service's most popular original films to date.

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As far as ratings go, the animated film also scored higher than any other Netflix holiday original in 2019 on Rotten Tomatoes, which truly testifies just how good the film is.

You can check out the trailer for Klaus below.

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