If there's one thing that we can probably all agree upon, it's that the 'Black Mamba' is a class act. If you've heard of 'Kobe Bryant car accident', don't sweat it, the GOAT is okay. 

And thanks to his swift and selfless moves, so is everyone who was involved in the accident. 

According to TMZ, Kobe witnessed a bad collision unfold in front of him while in Newport Beach, California today. However, he didn't just report it and leave the scene. He stayed there to comfort everyone involved. What a king!

Moments after the accident witnesses saw Bryant wearing his pink sweatsuit, walking around and helping those involved. 

He totally took control of the situation. At one point, he was even directing traffic away from the wreckage. Witnesses couldn't believe it when they saw the man helping out was one of history's greatest NBA stars.

As for those involved, police are waiting to give an update on injuries and conditions.

This isn't the first time Kobe has come to the rescue. Just last year in September 2018, he helped others in another Newport Beach crash.

We love to see celebrities helping people out in times of need. You can watch him in action here. 

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