The holidays are definitely the time of year when everyone lets loose and just enjoys some delicious food. Luckily, Krispy Kreme Canada is offering yet another delicious Christmas treat with their new gingerbread donuts! They're only here for a limited time though. 

There are two great gingerbread options to choose from this holiday season. First, there's the gingerbread glazed donut.

A festive play on the classic, this donut has all the warm spiced flavours people love and is coated with a warm, gingerbread molasses glaze.

While that sounds delicious enough on its own, the company is also offering another variation with the Gingerbread Original Filled. It's the exact same delicious gingerbread donut, but with something extra: a creamy, cheesecake filling.

These delicious and festive donuts are available from now through Christmas Eve at all Canadian Krispy Kreme locations. You could even leave one (or two) out for Santa!

The donut shop wants everyone to know that these festive treats will also contribute to an important cause, which is saving the poor gingerbread men who end up being eaten every single year.

"By simply eating our delicious Gingerbread Glazed doughnuts, you can help save the lives of Gingerbread people everywhere," Krispy Kreme said on their website.

This is the second round of holiday donuts to be sold by Krispy Kreme this year.

The company already released its Christmas ones earlier in December.

Those included ones that looked like Santa's coat, a cute little reindeer (complete with pretzel antlers) and another frosted to look like a holiday present.

They're so cute, you almost wouldn't want to eat them (but you would because they're also tasty)!

It's hard to deny that Krispy Kreme gets into the holiday mood each year. They even took one day in December to offer a box of a dozen donuts for just one dollar. Now that's a very nice (and delicious) gift to give to everyone! 

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