There's no wrong time for donuts but if there ever was a right time, it's definitely now. Krispy Kreme Canada's Chocolate Glazed Wonderland has three new donuts for three days only. You don't want to miss these sweet treats so be sure to get them before they head back to the North Pole!

The iconic confection company is getting into the winter mood and wants to get you feeling festive as well with it's Chocolate Glazed Wonderland all weekend long.

Starting December 6, the store is sprinkling a little North Pole magic in its Canadian locations and three new rich, glazed donuts will be joining the classic chocolate glazed donut, which is sure to have you walking in a chocolate wonderland.

Along with the regular cocoa-y glaze we all know and love, donut lovers can get the new chocolate glazed original Kreme, the chocolate glazed cake batter and the chocolate glazed double chocolate donuts.

Is that too much chocolate? There's actually no such thing.

With only a handful of Krispy Kreme locations in Canada, count yourself lucky if there's one near you and you can get in on this festive fun.

There are only 10 locations in all of Canada, five in Toronto, four in Quebec and one in B.C.

If you really want to try these donuts before they're gone and are willing to take a little trip to another province to get a dozen, there's no judgement here. 

The chocolate glazed original Kreme donut is dusted with powdered sugar, the chocolate glazed cake batter donut is dipped in chocolate icing and topped with bright confetti sprinkles and the chocolate glazed double chocolate donut is filled with chocolate Kreme and decorated with red and green icing.

Not only are they delicious but with a bit of Christmas magic, they look really festive too.

Krispy Kreme Canada is also offering four festive holiday donuts until December 24.

The designs for these limited-time treats include Santa bellies and reindeer with pretzels for antlers. 

If you want to celebrate the holidays by eating a bunch of chocolate glazed donuts you better act fast. 

Donuts from the Chocolate Glazed Wonderland are only available from December 6 to December 8 when they disappear up the chimney and back to the North Pole.

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