It’s that time of the year again. Halloween’s the one day where you can dress up as pretty much anything you want. Stares and screams are actually a good thing. Trick or treating might be a thing of the past, but we’ve scoped out one frightfully good deal for you to get your sugar fix. Did you know about the Krispy Kreme Halloween donuts deal?

If you dress up on October 31st and visit any California location, you’ll get a free Krispy Kreme donut of your choice. They’re scary delicious! 

We don’t know about you, but we’ve got our eyes set on the cute new Monster Batch goodies. Why not get in the spooky spirit? 

This promotion is only available on Halloween, so make sure to mark your calendars and grab your friends. Raise your hand if you’ve had your costume planned out at least three months in advance. If not, don't worry. We've included some costume inspo for you.

While we’re loving all the haunted goods, the Hypno-Henry is particularly delicious. This adorable orange cyclops-themed donut is stuffed with super creamy cake batter filling. Talk about a sugar rush! 

You can also try out the Slimon, an original glazed donut with ooey-gooey lime filling. It’s dipped in neon green icing and topped with a green dollop of “slime.” 

If this isn't costume goals, we don't know what is. Crazy cat ladies will never be a thing of the past. Especially if you've got your eyes set on Trader Joe's purrfect advent calendar for cats.

If you’re opting for something a little tamer than the cyclops donut, the Mumford might be more your speed. It’s an original glazed donut topped with purple icing and decorated like a monster. 

We recommend bringing your BFFs and loading up on the themed goods. Why not get a box to go? 

Who’s up for a cozy Hocus Pocus and PJs night in? If you really wanna load up on all the Halloween deals, swing by Chipotle on the way over. Rumor has it, you can score one of their delicious Boo-rito deals for only $4. It’s all treat and no trick.