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I Tried All Of Krispy Kreme's New Valentine's Day Donuts & This Is My Honest Opinion

A box of chocolates or a box of donuts? 🍩
I Tried All Of Krispy Kreme's New Valentine's Day Donuts & This Is My Honest Opinion

The season of love is upon us! This is also the time of year when restaurants and brands have new themed menu items. Krispy Kreme Valentine's donuts are no exception.

There are four different flavours to choose from this year and you can even order them by the dozen.

The special selections also come in an adorable box that's meant to look like a Valentine's card, with a to/from line and everything. 

I tried them all to see if they're worth giving to your significant other or crush this year, then ranked them from worst to first, and this is my honest opinion

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4. Strawberries & Kreme 

This one is super cute and looks like a little Valentine's present. Unfortunately, the taste didn't live up to the presentation.

While the red heart on top was visually appealing it was actually some sort of hard, sugary candy with no distinct flavour.

Inside the pink filling definitely had a strawberry vibe to it, but it was very artificial and overly sweet, which is why it's my least favourite of the bunch.

3. Chocolate Caramel 

This donut has a lovely little design, with a chocolate top and sprinkles artfully placed on one edge.

Where it goes off the rails is in the flavour. While this claims to be a caramel donut the inside is actually an icing filling and it's hard to say if there was even any caramel in it.

That being said, the donut tastes good! The chocolate is nice and the cream inside is tasty, it just loses points for not delivering what was advertised.

2. Sprinkled Heart

While this one isn't overly creative when it comes to design, I mean a sprinkle donut is nothing new, it is still really cute.

The donut is pretty basic in flavour too. It's sweet but not too much, and the stuff inside is similar to their Boston cream filling.

Sometime's the simple things are best.

1. Sugar Cookie Donut

Finally, what I believe is the most unique and well-executed donut in the group, the sugar cookie one.

This treat had a sweetness that was definitely reminiscent of a cookie. The filling was a lot more like icing too and the sprinkles on top were that crystal kind.

While the donut is rather simple, it ranks above the others as it delivers on the flavours promised, has more of a unique twist, and isn't overly sweet, making it easy to enjoy.

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