Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Share First Photo Together As Parents

Kylie Jenner has slowly been opening up to the public after the birth of her baby girl, Stormi. During her pregnancy, Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott went completely silent in order to keep a calm environment for the growing baby. 

Now that Kylie has given birth, she has begun to open up to the public about her new life as a mother and we're so excited. First, she began posting photos on Snapchat of all the beautiful floral arrangement she received from friends, family and even Travis. Then she posted the infamous photo of Stormi that beat Instagram records. 

For days she has been relatively silent on Snapchat and Instagram. She posted one selfie on Instagram but none of her and Travis together. I think her fans began to wonder whether the couple were truly together, or if they were just maintaining appearances for the public. 

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Travis snapped a selfie of the couple together. Kylie and Travis posed together for the selfie, with their medical masks on of course. It seems that they are taking every precaution seriously when it comes to their newborn. 

We're not exactly sure what "Bdjxjkdn" stands for, but if you do then leave it in the comments section! Nevertheless, the selfie is so sweet and we're glad they're enjoying their time together as new parents! Hats off to the young parents for taking care of Stormi Webster!