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Kylie Jenner Apparently Found Evidence That Boyfriend Travis Scott Cheated On Her

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's relationship may be on the fritz.

Just when you think Kardashian-Jenner drama has died down, it fires back up again. While Kylie is reeling over her ended friendship with Jordyn Woods, or so we think, she now has something even more major to worry about. Kylie Jenner apparently found evidence that boyfriend Travis Scott cheated on her

Wait, hold up! Travis Scott cheating on Kylie right after her best friend was caught cheating with her sister's boyfriend? This is too much. According to TMZ, Travis Scott apparently canceled his show in Buffalo tonight because he was 'sick', however, sources say that's not the reason why. He flew back to LA to surprise Kylie, and she had a lot to tell him when he got home. 

While he was probably expecting a warm welcome, Kylie hit Travis with the facts. On Wednesday, this fight about "evidence" started, and it was still so bad on Thursday that he had to cancel his show to deal with this drama. Wow.

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According to TMZ, Travis's rep says he 'absolutely denied he cheated', but that doesn't mean this fight isn't real. Poor Kylie. Her best friend is now out of her house as well as her boyfriend now? This situation is too much to handle. 

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Raise your hand if you can't wait for all of this Kardashian-Jenner drama to play out on Keeping Up with the Kardashians! While it will be really good TV, we do feel for Kylie. She's been through the ringer the last few weeks, and I hope all of this with Travis isn't true. But with the Kardashians, you just never know.