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Kylie Jenner Confirmed She Got Rid Of Her Lip Injections, But They're Bigger Than Ever In Her New YouTube Video

When you think of Kylie Jenner, you probably think of the term 'makeup mogul', mom to Stormi, and well, big lips. She came clean to her fans in 2015 and admitted to her lip injections, stating that she felt insecure after she kissed a boy and her told her he didn't think she'd be a good kisser because of her small lips. Well, she definitely got payback on him!

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The self-made billionaire has a lot of jobs. She's a reality TV star, a mom, a fashion designer with her sister Kendall, the CEO of Kylie Cosmetics, and she also has taken up a cool hobby, which is making YouTube videos. She posted one late last night, on November 28th, and fans noticed something a little different. 

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Back in July, Kylie posted the above photo with BFF Stassie and fans were quick to notice her smaller lips. She admitted this when a fan said she 'looked like the old Kylie' and Kylie replied saying she got rid of all her lip fillers. Well, something changed and she decided to get them back, and the proof is in the YouTube video. 

In her brand new YouTube video, which is named GET READY WITH ME ON TOUR PT. 1, Kylie gives an indepth makeup tutorial that she is currently loving while on tour with boyfriend Travis Scott. She is seen using her own makeup line throughout the video, and even baby Stormi makes an appearance.

Via YouTube

Fans were quick to notice that she definitely has lip injections again, but surprisingly, all of the comments are super nice about it. From simple questions such as, "Did she get more lip injections again?" to even comments that have nothing to do with her makeup, but "Stormi is so lucky to have a mom like Kylie!" People were also loving the pop of colour in the corner of her eyes, and it won't be long before that's a trend!

Here is a photo of Stormi to make your day even better:

Via YouTube

Oh, and Kylie nonchalantly mentions that she gets two rooms while on tour. One to sleep in, and one JUST for her makeup and clothing. Goals. You can watch the YouTube video below,but it's safe to say Kylie didn't stick to the no lip injections thing. Either way, she looks great! We'll be patiently waiting for part 2.