I'm sure a lot of us are sick of hearing about the whole Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods situation. However, we're also all invested because this story is absolutely crazy. When news broke that Jordyn and Tristan had hooked up, fans were shocked. Not because of Tristan, but because Jordyn has been loyal to the family for years. The person that is most affected by this is definitely Kylie. Well, Kylie Jenner gave Jordyn Woods a chance to explain herself, and it doesn't look good.

This truly does seem like some sort of soap opera. Hooking up with your best friend's sister's boyfriend... that's not something you hear of every day. Well, apparently Kylie is not happy about this situation and is super confused about what to do. The whole Kardashian family is completely shocked by Jordyn, as this is out of character for her. 

Kylie even gave Jordyn a chance to explain herself, and according to E! News, it doesn't look good. A source told them, "Kylie is having a very difficult time. She is devastated and emotional. She doesn't want to believe this could have happened." They also mentioned that Kylie wanted to wait to give Jordyn a chance, but in the end, she was still shocked and confused. 

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Kylie, along with the rest of her family and obviously Khloe, are cutting Jordyn off. While all of them still follow Jordyn on Instagram, I think it may be time that the cords are cut. We have to remember that Kylie is the reason Jordyn has such a big following, an extravagant life, and a second family. Kylie is shocked that after everything they've done for each other, this is how she would act. 

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Jordyn and Kylie have been inseparable since they met when they were 13, and both of them are turning 22 this year. Apparently, Jordyn was ready to throw that all away when she slept over at Tristan's house. *shakes head* Whatever you want, girl.