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Kylie Jenner Majorly Disses Tyga With Her New Tattoo

You'll never guess what it is.

I don't know about you, but we were all thrilled at the Narcity office when Kylie Jenner and Tyga took a leave-of-absense from their truly tumultuous 3-year relationship this April. After many months of cringy Instagrams, song lyrics (She a big girl dog when she stimulated), and baby-mama drama, we were more than happy to see this couple bite the big one. 

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After attending Coachella 2017 with then friend Travis Scott, Kylie found herself yet again in a relationship with a rap-star. Since then, Kylie and Travis have been spotted all over together - strolling in Boston, dining in Mexico, and flaunting some serious PDA in and around LA. Trylie (??) even got matching ankle-tattoos together, two thin halves of one whole butterfly. And while the ink may be adorable, it did make us think about the infamous lower-case "t" - as in Tyga - Ky got tattooed on her ankle once upon December 2016. 

Sure enough, Ky stepped out in LA yesterday with some updated ankle art - her "t" tattoo has magically transformed into "la" in lowercase cursive.

Though an insider says that Kylie and Tyga have had a knack for breaking up and getting back together in the past, this ink might be sending a not-so subtle message to the Rack City rapper. Your girl is officially over it and super happy with her new man. Kyga is officially over and honestly? So is Tyga's career.