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Kylie Jenner Posted A Photo With A Massive Engagement Ring On But No One Seemed To Notice

Kylie Jenner may be engaged to boyfriend Travis Scott.
Kylie Jenner Posted A Photo With A Massive Engagement Ring On But No One Seemed To Notice

Is Kylie Jenner engaged? Let's talk about it. While Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott call each other husband and wife or 'hubby and wifey', for a while fans thought those were just cute pet names. But recently, Kylie and Travis have been showing off more signs that they're engaged... and this new photo Kylie posted with a huge engagement ring on says a lot

Does the ring finger really mean you're engaged? I mean, we've been told for years that it's bad luck to wear a ring on your ring finger unless it's an engagement ring, but Kylie definitely doesn't believe that. Travis and Kylie have a very special bond, and we can all tell. She gave birth to baby Stormi last February after the two had been dating for almost a year. And while we're not sure if they're engaged, this ring that Kylie was sporting in her last Instagram photo sure makes it seem like it. 

In a few photos posted with her sister Kendall Jenner, you can clearly see Kylie wearing a large rock on her left hand. And while it may just be for the photoshoot, I'm sure Kylie isn't wearing a fake ring from Claires. You can see the photo below: 

And one more for good luck: 

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We can't be 100% sure that Kylie and Travis are engaged, we can be sure that they have no signs of ending their relationship. Apparently the couple is trying for another baby, as is sister Khloe. Kim already has another baby on the way by surrogate, so 2019 may be another year for the Kardashian-Jenner grandkids!

Do you think Kylie and Travis are engaged? Or is that ring just an accessory? Either way, we'll probably find out only after they've gotten married. 

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