Last night, Travis Scott performed on Saturday Night Live. Even though Kylie thought his performance was sensational, the rest of the world was thoroughly disappointed. 

In a weird turn of events, Kylie praised her baby's father's performance on Saturday Night Live yesterday, but she seems to be the only one that was thrilled. In the meantime, fans were incredibly bored by his singing and some even called him out for using auto-tune. 

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Travis Scott was the musical guest invited to perform on yesterday's episode of Saturday Night Live. While most people were excited to finally see Kylie Jenner's boyfriend perform live on TV, it was pretty disappointing. 

If you're a fan of Travis Scott, maybe you'll disagree, but the majority of Twitter called out Scott for using auto-tune, his quirky dance moves and objectifying a woman during his performance. 

Travis Scott is the worst shit I’ve ever heard #snl

October 7, 2018

This Travis Scott performance is worse than Kanye and Pump dancing around in drinkable outfits. WTF is going on this season SNL? 👎

October 7, 2018

Fans had the biggest issue with Travis Scott seemingly using auto-tune. If you don't know what auto-tune is, it's a device used to change the artist's voice during recording or performances. It became really popular in the mid 2000s when rappers like T-Pain used the device to alter their singing voices. 

Fans called him out for using the controversial device to change his voice during his live performance. Not to mention, many believe that singers use auto-tune to avoid singing with their natural voice or to hide their inability to perform live. 

Travis Scott on #SNL tonight:

October 7, 2018

So glad that SNL/Travis Scott chose this week of all weeks to have a woman pose on a revolving platform and do nothing except be a sex object

October 7, 2018

In addition, other celebs pointed out that Scott had a woman posing on a revolving platform during his performance. Siobhan Morris,  a NewsTalk reporter commented that Scott used her as a sexual object during the performance which is controversial in light of the Brett Kavanaugh scandal

Here's the video of Travis Scott performing "Astrothunder" on SNL last night.

Travis Scott performing ASTROTHUNDER 🚀

October 7, 2018

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Regardless of Twitter's opinions, Kylie shouted out her boyfriend on Instagram and Snapchat. He posted a ton of videos of herself watching his performance on TV and even called him "Hubby" in one of the posts. She seems to think he's the cat's pajamas.