It seems like everyone is jumping on the Raptors bandwagon this NBA finals season. One celebrity fan that is shocking everyone is Kylie Jenner! For Game 6 tonight, Kylie Jenner threw a Raptors-themed party and she's sharing photos on Instagram.

When she’s not making lip kits that are to die for or caring for her child, Kylie Jenner is apparently cheering on the Raptors. This is a shock to everyone considering she doesn’t come off as a huge sports fan, regardless of her half-sisters clearly loving the sport and all things that come along with it. 

But apparently, she likes the Canadian team so much that she is having a Raptors themed party right now. That means, Kylie Jenner is watching the same NBA game that you and I are watching right now! 

In Jenner’s Instagram story, you can see a photo with a wide variety of basketball paraphernalia. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kardashian/Jenner party without over the top desserts and in this case, it is donuts shaped as basketballs, cupcakes with Raptors logos on them, and cookies with the classic Raptors claw. 

Glitter is also thrown everywhere and basketballs balls, both real and fake, are in the background. 

So far, it was just the one image that was sent out for over 137 million people to see. You never know – maybe there will be more later on. 

While we do not know who is attending her party, it would be safe to assume she has at least some of the famous family there. 

Jenner has a huge following on all social media platforms so word of her Raptors themed party got around quick. Tons of people have been tweeting out about the party, with many having a hard time believing that she was a fan. 

On Twitter user even made the good point in saying that she is from California, so it would make sense to cheer for the Warriors. 

Some fellow fans aren’t unquestioning it and are just happy to have the Canadian exposure. 

Maybe if this goes to Game 7, she will be there. Let’s be real, she’s one of the few people who can actually afford tickets.