I could write my graduate thesis on the Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian's "Watch What Happens Live" interview. Seriously, so much good stuff. From their relationship with Caitlyn Jenner to Kanye's tweets, the Kardashians had their trademark candidness on display and left no stone unturned. Well, except for that one awkward moment when an audience member asked if they think sister Kylie Jenner will get engaged to Travis Scott eventually

Pretty straight-forward question, right? Based on her reaction, Kim would have felt more comfortable giving her thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict! Instead, she hesitated. HESITATED! Oh, Kim. Did you forget the first rule of lying? DON'T HESITATE! 

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Khloé and Kourtney weren't any better. Between Kim's awkward pause, Khloe's weird shrug and Kourtney's "I will keep as still as possible and maybe people will forget I'm here" response, the internet is all but completely convinced Kylie and Travis are already engaged. Could it be true???

For now, Kylie and Travis' engagement is nothing more than internet speculation. But, the Kardashians' reaction to what should have been a simple question about their sister is mighty suspicious. Is there something more to this story, or do we just really wanna see Kylie in a wedding dress?

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