There's no doubt that southern Californians swell with pride when it comes to their teams. Fans are always impressed by the players' hard work ethic, and it looks like it's paying off. But right now, something else has got our attention. When they're not on the court, the Los Angeles Lakers are busy being the best damn dog dads. We've gathered pics of the LA Lakers player's dogs that are almost too cute to handle.

From adorable swimming lessons to doggos that live the VIP life and cuddles, there's a whole lot of puppy love to go around.

If you're the ultimate dog lover and can't get enough pics in your daily newsfeed, get ready for cuteness overload in the best possible way.

Babysitting an Eager Puppy

This adorable little puppy got a National Dog Day should out. Ten out of ten would rate a very good boy. Would you look at those big paws?

Swimming Session with Demarcus Cousins

Now, this is bonding at it's finest. There's nothing quite like a good swim session.

These Pups Live Like Royalty

Look at all those happy smiles! Have you ever seen a cuter bunch? These doggos must be living like royalty in a mansion like Howard has.

Danny Green

Danny Green took the time to visit a local animal shelter and help dogs find their fur-ever homes. We're not crying; you're crying. He also has a dog of his own, and their pics together are totally adorable.

Lebron James

If this picture of Lebron James's little girl and their French Bulldog puppy Indigo doesn't make you completely melt, nothing will.

We love just how much the Lakers show off their precious pups. Keep the photos coming; there can never be enough.