You might never want to escape. If you love to sip a glass of chardonnay with friends, we found a hidden spot you need to visit. So stop what you are doing, as you'll want to add this incredible B.C. winery to your bucket list. It has a literal labyrinth of grapevines that you need to explore.

Sperling Vineyards told Narcity that their vineyard labyrinth is so unique that there is only one other spot like it in the world — Rafael Tirado's Labirento in Chile.

We are so lucky to have such a wonder so close to home. Located in Kelowna, it is four and a half hours from Vancouver.

While visiting the vineyard, you'll get the chance to taste some of the delicious wines they produce. One not to miss wine is their Pinot Gris that tastes like crisp green apples.

Then you can test your skills and try to find your way through the circular maze that has a singular path to the middle.

Even if you have a good sense of direction, you might be surprised how challenging it can be. All the rows of bright green leaves and grapes will all start to look the same.

Unlike most vineyards, this company decided to ditch the typical uniform straight lines of plants.

Sperling Vineyards told us the reason is that they "want our wines to be unique, so by planting in a circular pattern every vine "faces" the sun at a slightly different angle, and as the sun moves through the sky during the day, each moment creates a unique exposure."

Here the focus is encouraging people to relax and enjoy a delicious glass of organic wine.

You are even able to bring your dog, as there are no synthetic pesticides used on the vines.

At the moment, they are only open for curbside pick-up and online orders. But once the retail store re-opens, they will be open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sperling Vineyards

Price: Free to visit

Address: 1405 Pioneer Rd., Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: You can get lost in a huge labyrinth of grapevines with your friends.

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