Lady Gaga Has A Rumoured New Boyfriend And No, It’s Not Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga has been spotted on dates with Jeremy Renner.
Lady Gaga Has A Rumoured New Boyfriend And No, It’s Not Bradley Cooper

Ever since A Star Is Born was released, we've all been lowkey (okay, maybe highkey) dreaming of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga getting together - there's no denying that the two would make a seriously beautiful couple. Weeks after the film was released, Gaga and her fiance, Christian Carino, called off their engagement, so we all had our fingers crossed, but Cooper and his girlfriend are still going strong. Recently, Lady Gaga has been spotted out with a rumoured new boyfriend, and no, it's not Bradley Cooper.

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The man that Gaga has been seen hanging out with is none other than Jeremy Renner. You may have seen him in movies such as The AvengersThe Bourne Legacy, and American Hustle, among many others. Sources aren't sure whether it's romantic or not for now, but Renner and Gaga have been spotted hanging out with his 6-year-old daughter, Ava.

It was just one month ago that Gaga and Carino split, but it doesn't seem like she's experiencing any post-breakup blues - she's been hanging out with plenty of other celebrities, including Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd at their Pump Restaurant. Witnesses say she spent the night dancing, drinking, and interacting with fans.

It's hard to say whether Renner is just a good friend, a rebound, or if he and Gaga will ever turn into something serious. At the end of the day, I think we're all just secretly hoping that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will somehow end up together.