A Calgary Man Outran An Avalanche & The Footage Is Terrifying (VIDEO)

"That's crazy."
Lake Louise Avalanche Video Shows Man Outrun Avalanche & His Reaction Is Way Too Chill (VIDEO)

If you’re a person who enjoys winter sports, you’ve probably heard your fair share of avalanche horror stories. Avalanches are powerful, terrifying, and not something you ever want to encounter during a day in the mountains. A video emerged on Sunday, December 8 of a Calgary man's narrow miss with an avalanche in Lake Louise and you will not believe how calm and collected he stays while literally sprinting out of the path of an avalanche. If you're like us, you're going to be watching this Lake Louise avalanche video on repeat.

Calgary Realtor, Bryon Howard shared the alarming footage on YouTube after he had found himself in a pretty sticky situation. According to the caption, Howard was shooting a video for his running club in Lake Louise at the time of the incident.

The video shows Howard frantically running after he caught sight of an avalanche thundering down the side of a mountain. For a big portion of the video, he is in a complete white-out, but you can hear him panting for air and sprinting all the while.

At the beginning of the video, you hear Howard say “Sh*t. Avalanche.” You begin to see snow barreling down the mountain and getting dangerously close to where he is running.

“Wow,” he says, “there it goes. I don’t think it’s coming this far.” It comes up from behind him and completely engulfs him. Luckily it’s airborne and he can continue to run through it.

After a few moments of zero visibility, he emerges from the snow and says into the camera, “Wow. That’s crazy.”

He repeats “wow” a few more times. He finishes with a casual “So, avalanche into Lake Louise. Wild!”

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If you're not interested in running away from an avalanche, it might be your best bet to hang out down by the lake, especially around January when you can see beautiful ice sculptures and an ice castle .

If you do want to venture into the trails, you can always check the avalanche conditions to make sure you're looking forward to a safe journey.

Winter isn't just hard because of the darkness and the Albertan cold . We also have to be aware of giant snow slides rolling down mountainsides.

So, stay safe out there, folks. Or, you know, stay inside with Netflix .

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