Right now, there is a magical event taking place that seriously rivals Frozen. Lake Louise Ice Magic Festival is absolutely gorgeous and all the wonderful winter wonderland activities are taking place right this second. In case you need an excuse to go, we made a list of photos that perfectly sum up how beautiful this event is. 

According to the official Lake Louise website, ice magic is a 12-day event that has some of the best ice sculptures from around the world. 

Tickets for the event are totally reasonable and will only cost you $13 from now until January 26, 2020. All tickets can be purchased online

Wintertime in Alberta can be harsh, to say the least. Especially right now. 

While it would be great to bunker yourself down and binge Netflix forever, you need to get outside and enter the real world. 

If you're going to leave the house, we strongly suggest you hit up the Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise. 

When you look at the photos, you'll know exactly why everyone loves it so much. 

Monstrous ice sculptures stand above everyone and are depictions of anything from angels to animals. 

During this winter event, Lake Louise absolutely comes to life and you can take in ice bars, carvings, ice castles, and more. 

Here are some photos that show all of the amazing activities to take advantage of before the festival ends.

Check Out the Carvings 

The obvious hit of the annual event is the ice carvings.

This year, there is no theme which means the carvers can make anything.

Each one is more unique than the last and you will seriously need to take your time marvelling at these chilly pieces of art.

Hit the Ice Yourself 

While we don’t encourage you to pick up a chainsaw and make your own ice sculpture, you can hit the ice in other ways.

The event sports a seriously big ice rink that is perfect for you, the family, or a significant other.

With the surrounding mountains and gorgeous blue sky, you will feel like you’re in Narnia.

Feel Fancy in the Ice Castles 

The ice castles at the event are huge and you can actually walk in them making it the perfect spot for a selfie.

While you are allowed to walk in and around them, be mindful that it is a shared area. Be respectful of the space so everyone can see the epic structures and take their own pics.

Warm Up With a Boozy Drink 

During the event, there is an awesome ice bar sporting some of the best cocktails you can imagine.

One sip and you’ll feel warm which is exactly what you need during this chilly time.

Take in the View 

The entire event is gorgeous but when you’re there, stop and take a look around.

Lake Louise is the epitome of stunning this time of year and the view needs to be absorbed.

Slow down, breathe in the mountain air, and feel refreshed. You’ll be thankful you did.