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Florida Police Offer Help To Drug Dealers Losing Business During COVID-19

They will quality test your drugs and send you on a "stress-free" trip to jail.
Florida Police Offer Help To Drug Dealers Losing Business During COVID-19

As Florida prepares for the stay-at-home order to come into effect Friday, local law enforcement is doing its part to help the public adjust. Apparently, that means lending a helping hand to struggling business-owners, including drug dealers. In a Lake Placid Police Department Facebook post uploaded Thursday, the force has offered its services to dealers in the area who have been impacted by the novel coronavirus.

Lake Placid PD stated in the hilarious post that they're willing to help local dealers "who are losing business due to quarantined customers." They will even "sanitize the packages" of drugs for them.

"In an effort to maintain social distancing, we ask that all local dealers wishing to receive assistance in delivery bring your product to the LPPD and push the button on the new communication device near our RED phone," they wrote.

"This will get the attention of staff inside who will direct the on-duty officers to assist you. Our officers will safely receive the goods, sanitize the packages for you."

They are even offering to quality test the products to ensure that you're selling "the best product in the area." They'll also provide a "stress-free trip" and accommodations to the Highlands County jail.

"While you wait, you will have the privilege of taking in the finest view while sitting in our state-of-the art Ford Explorer Cruiser," the post continues.

The post generated comments from those who also played along.One person wrote, "Wonderful sanitized bracelets for the ride. It's a win win situation. BTW...are the wipes still by the phone??? Just askin' for a friend lol."

While Lake Placid PD's offer was posted in good humor, we wonder if anyone would be so bold to take the police department up on it. Knowing Florida, we're sure there will be some takers.