Are you tired of owning a mega yacht but not knowing where to sail it? If you buy this property, you could take it for a cruise right in your backyard. This dreamy lakeside mansion in B.C. comes with an entire 50 acre lake in the garden, and Hallmark movies have even been filmed here!

Sure the four-bedroom, almost 5,000 square foot mansion is pretty nice, but it's peanuts next to the humongous lake next door. According to the listing, the homeowner has exclusive rights to over 50 acres of water.

To put that in scope, that's the size of Grand Central Station in New York and about half the size of Vatican City, the smallest nation in the world.

The overall property is actually even bigger at 80 acres, since it includes all of the land surrounding the waters too.

With that much room, you could literally get lost in your own backyard!

If that wasn't already enough, the area is so breathtaking that several Hallmark movies have been shot in the area. Now that's a fun fact to tell your guests!

Another bonus to having so much space is there are no neighbours in sight. You'll never have to deal with loud parties or angry homeowners associations again.

Go swimming, fishing, boating, heck, even ice skating if the weather keeps acting so weird. Why take a trip to the lake when there's a gorgeous one just a tiny walk away?

The mansion itself is nothing to scoff at either.

There are two floors inside the house itself, but it also comes with a three-car garage, a caretakers suite, and an 850 square foot detached shop; in case you get tired of living in that gorgeous home!

This property honestly looks like somewhere you'd visit on vacation. To actually have the opportunity to live there would be pretty bonkers.

Mansionside Lake

Price: $4,500,000

Address: Abbotsford, BC

Description: The home is gorgeous and all, but the massive lake that comes with the property takes the cake. All we can say is wow!

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