Lana Del Rey usually projects the persona of a chill, down to earth, silky smooth singing goddess, but after watching this interaction of her and a fan... you're not going to think she's so sweet anymore.

On Monday, Lana Del Rey showed up to the Met Gala with Jared Leto and they looked completely angelic. Not to mention, their outfits were completely on point. We loved their Catholic vibes. 

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After the Met Gala, when a fan encountered Lana and asked her for a picture, that's when everything went downhill. 

A video was posted online revealing the encounter... and it's really bad. We know that some fans can be outrageous, in your face and super rude, so usually we don't blame celebrities for not taking pictures with obnoxious fans, but this incident was completely different.

From the video, it looks like the timid fan asked Lana for a picture, which she agreed to take. The two are seen in the video with their faces close together, aiming to get a good selfie. Lana's holding the fan's phone and ready to take the picture. 

The fan tried to reposition the cellphone to a different angle, but Lana was not having any of it. It's hard to decipher what she's saying in the video, but the fan suggests holding the phone a different way when Lana replies "No". 

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She quickly decides against taking the selfie and hands the phone back to the fan, while murmuring something that definitely doesn't sound angelic.