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5 Natural Hand Sanitizers You Can Get In Las Vegas

Buying local is always a bonus, and now you can grab a daily essential from some of your favorite businesses. These Las Vegas companies have created natural hand sanitizers to feed a growing demand, while also gaining business during closures. You can order everything from essential oil-infused sanitizers to spray on cleansers from these five spots.

Whether you want a more natural alternative or can't always find what you need in the grocery store, these shops will keep your hands clean and your wallets happy.

If you want to support local and find some products that won't be harsh on your skin, these businesses are the perfect fit for all of your sanitizer needs.


Price: $17

Location: Available on Etsy

Why You Need To Try It: This local company makes 100% natural and organic sanitizing spray using ingredients like essential oils and witch hazel. Alcohol is optional.



Price: $15

Location: Sold in stores all over the U.S.

Why You Need To Try It: Based in Las Vegas, this company uses natural ingredients in its liquid sanitizers, including essential oils and aloe for hydration, so you can stay clean and safe while also being kind to your skin!


Nectar Bath Treats

Price: Starting at $4.00

Location: Multiple locations

Why You Need To Try It: Made with aloe vera, these are perfect for keeping your skin hydrated, and as a bonus, their bath treats look almost too good to eat.


Mike's Recovery

Price: $6.95

Location: 1028 Fremont St., Unit 174, Las Vegas, NV

Why You Need To Try It: Combining MCT oil and an essential oil detox mixture, this option doesn't use any synthetic products and keeps your hands moisturized.


Trucker Co. Distillery

Price: Starting at $11

Location: Available on Etsy

Why You Need To Try It: This Vegas-based online shop offers an assortment of naturally made options, including a bourbon scented one.


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