If you're an animal lover and are looking for a way to spend your time, this might interest you. A Las Vegas Shelter is currently looking for volunteers to help with the predicted influx of abandoned, newborn kittens this spring. This will give them the time they need to prepare for the felines in the weeks to come.

The Animal Foundation, located off of Mojave Road, recently completed construction on its new neonatal kitten nursery. The purpose of the nursery is to provide care to cats who are unable to care for themselves since they are so young. 

Right now the "shelter currently is only housing Doobert, a 2-week-old kitten, but they expect many more in the coming months," according to Fox 5 News

The shelter expects thousands of kittens to arrive this spring and summer, and that's where the volunteers come in.

If you're interested in helping to care for the newborns, you can expect to bottle feed, provide general care, and assist in helping the cats use the bathroom.

Narcity has reached out to the Animal Foundation for more information.

Volunteers must apply and be 18 years or older, complete a new volunteer orientation, and submit an application. This also includes fostering pets. 

On top of caring for the newborn cats, you'll also have the option to interact with the other animals at the shelter. You may be asked to give the dogs some TLC, take them for a walk, do laundry, and help at events. 

If you happen to be in town and find a kitten all alone, the felines' program manager, Alyssa Dazza told Fox 5 News some helpful information.

"She said to wait eight hours because there's a good chance the mom is hunting for food and will return."

Although there's only one kitten being cared for at the neonatal facility, the shelter hopes to get new volunteers to prepare for the season they're expecting.

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