If you confuse 'exercise' with 'extra rice,' this new take on home workouts might get you motivated. The chiseled Chippendales of Las Vegas now has home workout videos that will get your body ready for the stage or at least your pool. Throw on those sweatbands and get ready to sculpt that summer bod right from your living room.

You've most likely seen the legendary Chippendales on billboards and posters, but the hunks from the famous Vegas show are now offering more than just strip teases.

Some of the dancers will be hosting live workout sessions if you want to break a sweat. 

These workouts can be completed at home, and even use household items to replace weights and other gym items you may not have access to.

Each video focuses on a different muscle group so that you can strengthen your entire body.

We can't say for sure if all the workouts feature a topless Chippendale, however, we can agree that they will help you make the most out of being home.

Their first workout video was posted today, with more to follow each week.

In a previous live video, one dancer used two, one-gallon cartons of almond milk as a dumbbell or kettlebell replacement. Who knew your dairy alternatives could be so multi-purpose?

The Chippendale's social media accounts have dropped hints they hope to be back on the stage in April with a new addition to the team.

A Chippendales spokesperson also told Narcity that Vinny from Jersey Shore is scheduled to rejoin the group as a host for a seven-week stint, but the dates are to be determined.

Regardless of when we will see these toned entertainers back on stage, the fact that you can follow their at-home workout routines means your summer bod will be back on track despite not being able to hit the gym.

Just put on one of their videos on your laptop or TV and get ready to have a strip-tease worthy body minus the membership fees.

Chippendales At Home Workout

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You can get a Chippendale dancer as a personal trainer straight from your smart device.