You Can Go 'Under The Sea' Like Ariel With These Giant Seashell Drinks In Las Vegas

Now all you need is a nautical pal.
Golden Tiki In Las Vegas Lets You Sip Booze Out Of Giant Seashell Cups

A good ocean theme always adds a little pizazz to any outing, but these drinks take the cake when it comes to under the sea vibes. Golden Tiki in Las Vegas serves up giant seashell drinks filled with boozy treats sure to give you a nice floating feeling. You can sip on these epic cocktails for all of the mermaid vibes and a bit of nautical fun.

Just because this spot is in the middle of a desert, doesn't mean it can't whisk you away to a tropical paradise.

Las Vegas' Golden Tiki is home to the Zombie bowl, a massive conch shell filled with several different types of liquor, and served up with multiple straws.

You're going to want to share this bad boy with a friend or two if you plan on keeping your sea legs about you when you leave.

They also serve up a scorpion bowl, which initially held 15 ingredients in its mix. The bar now uses 10, but you will feel just fine after a few sips without the extra five.

Golden Tiki's mixologist told Narcity you can order the Zombie bowl year-round for $55, and it will come served up in the mother of all shells.

This drink is so big; it's worthy of King Trident himself.

After you've sipped for a bit, you can get even more Ariel vibes by sitting in their giant clamshell, which is perfect for some epic underwater Insta shots.

Nothing says, "I'm made for ocean living," like sitting in a giant clam, drinking a giant cocktail out of a giant conch shell.

Their menu also offers an array of delicious tiki-style drinks perfect for an afternoon of nautical fun, which can be turned into a bowl for $45.

You can enjoy your boozy treat while you imagine yourself floating on tropical turquoise waves, and you might even forget you're in the middle of a desert for a minute or two.

Forget beer goggles; these giant shell drinks will give you mermaid tails.

Golden Tiki

Price: 💸💸

Address: 3939 Spring Mountain Rd., Las Vegas, NV

Why You Need To Go: You can grab a giant seashell filled with booze for the ultimate under the sea adventure.


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