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You Can Watch All The Best Las Vegas EDC Concerts At Home For Free

Alexa order more glitter, please.

A little party never hurt anybody and we can bet everyone is ready for a little excitement right about now. The promoter known as Insomniac is now streaming EDC shows for the perfect living room rave. Grab the glitter or fluorescent clothes from your closet and throw on this YouTube channel to feel like you're raving right alongside your favorite DJs.

Although EDC in Las Vegas is currently still scheduled to happen, it is unsure if the festival will occur this May. Although it's still in the works, one of the promoters made a 24/7 stream of past carnivals.

Festival footage from the infamous Las Vegas festivals will be intermittently shown among the streams, letting you relive all the past years' adventures.

You can log on to the YouTube Channel and view footage of the Electric Daisy Carnivals in all their glory while listening to the epic DJ sets that accompanied them.

Rave from the comfortable set-up of your home and get the tunes pumping from your speakers to feel like you're in the middle of all the excitement.

There will even be occasional live sets. Content will be available all day on the Insomniac Rewind channel, meaning you can tune in any time you want.

You can have a living room rave or add some excitement to your cooking adventures.

Not only will there be footage from EDC Las Vegas, but you can also catch clips from other cities that host the event.

There's no better time than now to practice your dance techniques and throw together your possible rave ensemble to make sure you are ready for the next neon wonderland.

With no lines, crowds or porta-potties, this is the ultimate way to experience this wild neon carnival. Just don't go too extreme on the glitter- you'll thank us during your next house clean.

Insomniac Rewind

Price: Free

When: All of March

Why You Need To Go: This YouTube channel lets you stream all the EDC content your heart desires from your living room.