Lady Gaga Celebrated The New Year In Vegas By Pouring Champagne On Brian Newman (VIDEO)

She broke a wine glass too. 😱
Lady Gaga's Vegas Performance Included Her Pouring Booze On Brian Newman

This actress, singer, and Grammy winner announced she might be extending her Sin City residency and to celebrate, she rang in the New Year like a queen. Lady Gaga's Vegas performance included pouring champagne on her co-star and smashing a wine glass on the ground. We're convinced it was her best concert yet.

On NYE the pop-star made two appearances throughout the night: one at Park Theatre for "Jazz + Piano" and the other at Brian Newman's " After Dark " show.

During the "After Dark" bash, Gaga did something unexpected.

In the video, the singer can be seen holding a very full glass of what appears to be champagne before taking a huge gulp. After, she tosses the remaining booze at her longtime friend Brian Newman.

The jazz musician looked surprised by this, but quickly smiled and laughed it off.

Gaga, completely in the moment, continued her song and began circling the empty glass around her head before tossing it to the ground.

Both pals laughed and hugged it out on stage, afterward. If that's not an epic way to start the new decade, then we don't know what is.

One user commented on the post and said, "Looks like fun times!!!!😋" while another person wrote, "The look she gives him afterwords of sheer self enjoyment."

Her outfit was giving us major 1920s vibes. She was wearing a sparkly dress with a high slit and black platform boots.

Towards the end of the night, the star was seen making out with a mystery man. It's not Bradley Cooper, but we have hope that they'll profess their love for one another.

If you missed the show, no worries. Rumors are going around that the singer may be extending her Vegas residency through 2021.

No official comments have been released on the matter but we'll be looking out for them.

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