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Las Vegas' Busiest Airline Now Requires Passengers To Wear Face Masks On Flights

You now have to wear a mask on these flights.

Many companies around the United States are working to slow the spread of COVID-19. To ensure the safety of others, Southwest Airlines, Las Vegas' busiest airline, will require passengers to wear face masks during flights. It is just one of many measures the airline has put in place.

In a news release posted on May 1, 2020, Southwest announced that they will start requiring staff who come face to face with customers, as well as all passengers on board flights, to wear face coverings.

Southwest Chairman and CEO Gary Kelly said in the update that "Our sense of responsibility cannot be understated. In the future, we are committed to reconnecting our Customers to people and places they love."

Starting on May 11, 2020, those who fly with the airline will have to bring masks on their trips, or the airline will provide one for them.

As of May 3, airline personnel who work with customers will have to don masks, especially when they cannot maintain a six-foot distance.

The number of people aboard flights will also be reduced in conjunction with CDC social distancing guidelines, to allow for the proper amount of space between each passenger. 

Boarding processes will allow ten people at a time access to enter the plane so that they have time to spread out and find their seats.

Flight attendants and passengers will have access to cleaning supplies, including sanitizing wipes that will be available upon request.

The in-flight filters that are already aboard the planes will continue to help combat bacteria and germs, by circulating the air. 

The airline is also encouraging mobile boarding passes, which lets each individual control their phone rather than coming into contact with other hands.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Southwest is McCarren Airports' busiest airline. They reported that there are usually around 235 flights out of Vegas per day to 54 destinations.

It's also noted that the city is home to over 3,500 employees that work for the airline.

Kelly followed up with his statement by adding, "So, as we warmly await their return, we add the Southwest Promise to a nearly 50-year commitment of unmatched Hospitality and an unwavering focus on Safety."