You Can Get Booze Delivered To You In Las Vegas For An Epic Solo Party

Now to find that perfect dance party playlist...
Las Vegas Delivery Service PikFly Brings Your Alcohol Of Choice Straight To Your House

We like to think the party never stops and a solo party is our favorite way to enjoy a bit of alone time. Las Vegas delivery service PikFly brings your alcohol of choice straight to your house. No more throwing on those sweat pants and pausing Hulu. Now, you can get booze delivered right to your front door.

PikFly is a home delivery service that provides customers with fast and friendly resources. You simply order what you want from their website and they take care of the rest.

You can shop your favorite alcohol brands from the cozy confines of your house, then purchase with the click of a button.

They also work closely with local businesses, so you can even order snacks to go along with your drinks.

Because after all, what is a party for one without snacks?

PikFly told Narcity that they aim to deliver your order within one hour. That gives you plenty of time to load up Netflix or find the perfect Spotify playlist.

Delivery fees are only $7 and the minimum purchase is $25. That is the perfect amount to keep you stocked up and ready to keep the party going.

You can set up a cozy outdoor theater and even make movie-themed cocktails for the occasion since you can order all your ingredients from PikFly.

With a variety of wine, beer, and booze to choose from, you'll have plenty of options. 

You can sit back, relax, and pick a Netflix series to binge-watch while you enjoy your order without ever having to leave the house.

Just be sure that you show a valid ID to sign and accept your order. 

After all, nothing tastes better than alcohol except the satisfaction of never leaving your home to go get it. 

So throw those sweats (back) on and snuggle into your favorite seat while you sip delicious home-delivered drinks. 


Delivery: $7

Minimum: $25

Why You Need It: This alcohol delivery service means you never have to hit pause or leave the house to enjoy a drink.

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