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Here's An Inside Look Of What A Las Vegas Hotel Looks Like During The Shutdown (PHOTOS)

It's more of a ghost town than a casino right now.

Parts of Nevada are looking like a ghost town, and it's oddly eerie. The Las Vegas Strip's shutdown prompted hotels and casinos to close their doors in the wake of minimizing the spread of COVID-19 in Nevada. In doing so, the Orlean's Hotel looks more like an abandoned resort compared to the booming playhouse it was before the cessation.

With empty lobbies, vacant slot machines, and a lack of people, the hotel looks practically unrecognizable. 

Hotels and casinos aren't the only businesses that have temporarily suspended large gatherings. Many local companies, such as restaurants and movie theatres, have shifted their focus to curbside pickup, delivery, and drive-in showings. 

In response to the Nevada Governer's orders, the Orlean's Hotel and Casino posted the following to their Facebook page,

"In compliance with the Governor's order, we will be closing all gaming operations at all Las Vegas Boyd Gaming properties by midnight tonight, March 17. Limited food service will be available for hotel guests until 10:00am, Wednesday, March 18. Check with the Front Desk for location and hours."

The inside of a Las Vegas hotel during a shutdown looks almost uncanny. 

Here's an exclusive, inside look of a vacant casino. 

Hotel guests were allowed to leave their rooms and order food from the cafe. 

Security guards lingered around to ensure people didn't gather together or form a group. 

After ordering food, you had to take it back upstairs to your room. 

It was a new kind of experience to see how empty and vast the casino floors were.

With the shutdown of all non-essential businesses on track for 30 days, it might be a while before the glitz and glam return to the Strip.